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Avid is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of value-added chemicals for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, fragrance & flavors, paint, chemical, and various other industries

At Avid, imagination means exploring new technology methods - pushing beyond conventional boundaries to create products once thought impossible. We are focused on delivering technically advanced products that found applications in various end-user markets.

What we make is only a part of the story. How we make our products is even more critical. We are responsible for operating to protect people and the environment and preserve the planet for future generations. Every day we are striving to achieve more impressive results. 

To succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, we must have efficient operations, a sustainable competitive advantage, a global presence, and financial flexibility. In our facilities, researchers work with our customers to identify and develop the next generation of products and technology. Wherever you look at AVID, you'll find our people making our products better and operations safer and giving customers the highest possible level of service. We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide expert knowledge and technically advanced products that enable our customers to grow.

Avid leading developer

Remaining close to the customer provides a significant advantage for both AVID and its customers. Because we understand the market needs, we can respond more quickly with competitively advanced products. Because we have a global vision, we can provide cutting-edge products that enable our customers to grow where they want to - in America, Europe, Latin America, or Asia - in both established and emerging markets.

About UsOur Mission, Vision & Values


To passionately surge ahead with the new innovative chemical processes and products. We are determined to satisfy our customers by delivering results through quality products and services.


To be among the most competitive, most profitable, most respected chemical company in the industry with our products and services by the customer's first choice.


Value for our Customers, Prosperity, and Opportunity for our employees, Fair Profit for our owners, Societal Enrichment for the community in which we live and work.

Avid Mission, Vision & Values

About UsOur Brand Values

AVID is continuously evolving. As a stalwart chemical company that partners with various industries globally, our reputation continues to grow with each passing day. Our brand identity has evolved too. Modern, Zealous, Vibrant yet subtle, our new identity is an expression of the AVID of today...

Our logo has the letter "A" ringed by benzene hexagon, and both are positioned over a leaf.

"A" is the initial of "Avid," and Benzene Ring represents the word Organics' initial. The benzene ring symbolizes our company's core activity in organic and fine chemicals. Leaf, in our logo, reflects the company's concern towards the environment. Our Logo's Blue color is associated with loyalty, confidence, trustworthiness, and Green symbolizing healthiness, abundance, and dedication. Blue and green also signify Avid's concern towards nature and growth.

Avid Bringing Chemistry to Life

About UsCommitment for Quality

Avid Organics believes that sound quality assurance systems are the key to a successful manufacturing operation. In this Endeavour, the company has utilized multi-skilled backgrounds to analyze the quality standards requirements, evolve suitable processes, and implement the same.

A systematic approach encompassing the entire gamut of activities, including selecting vendors, maintaining in-process controls, and monitoring the product even after it has left the factory, is being practiced. Internal audit systems monitor all processes and implementation of a master validation plan to assure consistent quality.

Ongoing training programs are conducted to facilitate the knowledge development of the company's personnel, both in on-the-job and classroom teaching.

To achieve maximum customer delight, the company' attributes efficient development activities.

Avid Commitment for Quality

Quality Philosophy

To achieve and sustain market leadership for the products in national and international markets by providing quality products to meet customers' requirements.

Quality objectives achieved through the following :

  • AVID quality check development of approved vendors and procurement of raw material from approved sources.
  • Education and training of employees to improve the Quality.
  • Continuous R&D efforts to improve the Process and Quality.
  • Assessing the changing requirements of customer's expectations and meeting them.
  • Implementing strict and systematic quality control procedures in establishing the quality of the product.
  • Develop environmental awareness among employees and adherence to pollution control norms.

About UsGlobal Footprints

Today's diverse and fast-changing world provides exciting opportunities for us to serve market needs around the world. We are committed to helping established customers in traditional markets and new customers in fast-growing economies. In a short time, AVID has penetrated the established market like the USA, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia and further exploring possibilities of new tie-ups and association in new emerging markets worldwide. We have a global vision, and with our expanded capacities, we are poised to reach all corners of the world.

Avid Global Footprints

FSSC 22000
Halal Faizabad Foundation
KCJ Kosher


What Avid has in Store for you

Products: Wherever you look at AVID, you'll find our people making our products better and operations safer and giving customers the highest possible level of service