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Carboxylic Acid & Esters

Carboxylic acids occur widely in nature, often combined with alcohols or other functional groups, as in fats, oils, and waxes. They are components of many foods, medicines, and household products. Avid Organics Provides Carboxylic Acids & Esters Products with best services.

Glycolic Acid

Avid Organics Provides Glycolic Acid Product and also a wide range of solvents, and we provide the best service in it and deliver it in a given amount of time. It is considered as one of the best product to be delivered in vadodara. Glycolic acid peel is the most common alpha-hydroxy acid peel, also known as fruit peel. It is simple, inexpensive, and has no downtime.

General Info :

CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
79-14-1 C2II4O3 76.05 gm/mol

Sales Specification :

Aviga-T (Glycolic acid -70% Solution Tech)

Parameter Aviga-T Standard Specification Aviga-T Premium Specification
Appearance clear to light yollow liquid clear to light yollow liquid
Content 70.0 ± 2.0% 70.0 ± 2.0%
NaCl 5.0% max 3.0% max
Formic Acid nil nil
Foraldehyde nill nill

Sales Specification :

Aviga-HP (Glycolic acid -70% High Purity )

Parameter Aviga-HP Specification
Appearance clear to light yollow liquid
Content 70% min.
Fe 5 ppm max.
Cu 5 ppm max.
Formic Acid nil
Foraldehyde nill
Pt-Co sclae (Hazen / Apha) 30

Market Applications :

Household and Institutional Cleaners

Glycolic acid has many properties that make it an ideal component of household and institutional cleaner systems. Its dissolution capabilities for hard water salts (magnesium, calcium), soap scum and iron oxide give it excellent cleaning characteristics. The dissolved salts are easily rinsed away. In addition, it has very low odor, is light in color, and in nonflammable. It is also readily biodegradable, and has negligible VOC (<0.1 mm pressure at 20 ° C [68 ° F]).

Glycolic acid is compatible with most other acids (though care should be exercised with strong oxidizing agents) and with other components used in formulations such as surfactants and glycol ether solvents, as well as many fragrances and dyes. Testing has shown that the inclusion of glycolic in acid hard-surface cleaners generally results in improved or superior cleaning performance.

Industrial Cleaners

  • Stainless Steel Boiler and Process Cleaning Equipment.
  • Calcium carbonate and iron oxide mill scale can be removed by glycolic acid alone or by synergistic mixtures of glycolic and other acids. Where corrosion is an issue, such as in high pressure stainless steel boiler systems, a mixture of 2%glycolic acid and 1% formic acid has been found to be very effective. The low chloride content of glycolic acid minimizes the potential for chloride stress corrosion damage. The glycolic/formic acid mixture offers the following advantages:

    • Effective removal of scale deposits
    • Freedom from organic iron precipitation
    • Low corrosion due to negligible chloride content
    • Biodegradable wastes
  • Dairy Cleaning
  • The unique combinations of glycolic acid's properties make it an excellent acid cleaner for removing milk stone, casein and other deposits from dairy processing equipment. Glycolic acid dissolves and complexes hard water scale more effectively than phosphoric acid. Waste materials and any un-reacted acid are easily washed away with a final rinse of potable water.

  • Food Processing Equipment Cleaning
  • The use of glycolic acid in the cleaning of meat, poultry and egg products processing equipment, providing these food contact surfaces are rinsed with potable water after cleaning.

  • Transportation Cleaning
  • Because of its low toxicity, glycolic acid is the ideal replacement of more toxic acids such as oxalic, which is commonly used in the cleaning of stainless steel and aluminum, rail cars, as well as truck bodies, "Mag" wheels. Glycolic acid's low corrosiveness, good salt solubility and high rinsability, low odour and ready biodegradability contribute to its attractiveness in these applications.

  • Masonry
  • Glycolic acid can be used alone or in mixtures with other acids, particularly phosphoric acid, to produce an effective cleaner for bricks and concrete. Some clay used in making white bricks contain traces of metals that cause staining as they migrate to the surface during kiln firing. Glycolic acid's complexing ability affords effective removal of these metals.

  • Paper Maker Felt Cleaning
  • Because of its ability to complex aluminum salts, as well as other hard water salts, glycolic acid can be valuable in conditioning papermaker felts. It is non-damaging to the nylon components of these paper felts.

Water Treatments

  • Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Glycolic acid will effectively remove hard water scale from all types of heat-exchanger equipment. Due to its low corrosiveness, odour, and negligible volatility, it should be considered for pH adjustment of cooling water to prevent scale accumulation.

  • Water Well Cleaning
  • Glycolic acid complexes and removes accumulated iron and carbonate deposits in water wells. Glycolic acid removes the scale which suppresses the flow of water. In addition, anecdotal and technical literature reports indicate that such treatment is particularly effective where flow is suppressed due to the presence of slime and iron metabolizing bacteria. Glycolic acid is easily handled because of its liquid form, low corrosiveness and lack of fumes. It also has no solubilization problems. Waste disposal from well cleaning is facilitated by glycolic acid's ready biodegradability and its ability to prevent salt precipitation even as the pH is increased. Glycolic acid does not replace the need for phosphate treatment used to aid clay removal.

Metal Processing

  • Metal Pickling
  • Glycolic acid can be used to replace volatile acids in special pickling operations. The negligible volatility prevents losses due to elevated temperatures and reduces ventilation requirements.

  • Copper Brightening
  • Glycolic acid can be used to give luster to copper and copper alloys, following normal pickling operations. This luster has been found to be retained much longer than when strong oxidizing acids are used. Polishes for copper utensils, like pots and pans, can also be formulated with glycolic acid as the primary active ingredient.

Carboxylic Acid & EstersButyl Glycolate

Global Butyl Glycolate Market Split by Product Type and Applications: Market Segmentation by Type Coatings and Paints, Printing Inks and Others. It is used as a Market Segmentation by Application:As a Paint Additive, As a Blush Preventive, As a Wrinkle Preventive

General Info :

CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
7397-62-8 C6H12O3 132.16 gm/mol

Sales Specification :

Avibugly (Butyl Glycolate)

Parameter Avibugly Specification
Ester Content 97 % Min.
Water solubility, grams/liter 20
Density, grams per milliliter 1.02
Pounds per gallon 8.50
Boiling point 186-200 °C
Flash point (closed cup) 75 °C
Freezing point -26 °C

Market Applications :

  • Butyl Glycolate is used chiefly as a paint additive to improve flow properties, for example in nitrocellulose lacquers, in which it also imparts gloss; and in metallic lacquers. It is used as a blush preventive in cellulose acetate paints; as a wrinkle preventive in alkyd paints; in inks; and in emulsion polymers.

Carboxylic Acid & EstersAllyl Amyl Glycolate

Avid Organics Provides provides Allyl Amyl Glycolate which performing reflux dehydration on isoamyl alcohol and sodium hydroxide in the presence of a solvent; reacting the dehydrated product and chloroacetic acid to obtain an isopentyloxy acetic acid; and performing an esterification reaction on the isopentyloxy acetic acid and allyl alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyst so as to obtain the allyl amyl glycolate. Compared with the conventional process, the process has the advantages of higher isoamyl alcohol dehydration conversion rate and higher reaction speed due to the addition of the solvent, low production cost, short reaction time, high product yield and the like. A product of the invention is widely used for perfuming daily cosmetics such as perfumes, cosmetics, fancy soaps, detergents and the like, cigarettes, soft drinks and food.

General Info :

CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
67634-00-8 C10H18O3 186.251 gm/mol

Sales Specification :

Aviallamygly (Allyl Amyl Glycolate)

Parameter Aviallamygly Specification
Description Clear colorless liquid
Solubility Soluble in alcohol
Assay 97.00 % min.
Specific Gravity@250C 0.935 – 0.943
Refractive Index @ 200C 1.428 – 1.433

Market Applications :

  • Add a modern sparkle to any fragrance
  • Use in personal care, fabric care, home care etc.
  • Use in Anti-perspirants / Deo , Creams and Lotions, Talcum Powder, Liquid Soap

Carboxylic Acid & EstersAllyl Cyclohexyl Glycolate

Avid Organics Provides Allyl Cyclohexyl Glycolate product as it is also Carboxylic Acids & Easters Products Provider Company In Gujarat with clear parameters and also soluble in alcohol with best quality and we delivered product within given range of time.

General Info :

CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
68901-15-5 C11H18O3 198.26 gm/mol

Sales Specification :

Aviallcycgly (Allyl Cyclohexyl Glycolate)

Parameter Aviallcycgly Specification
Description Clear colorless liquid
Solubility Soluble in alcohol
Assay By GC 98.00 % min.

Market Applications :

  • Use in fragrance as ingredient.
  • Use in Anti-perspirants / Deo , Creams and Lotions, Talcum Powder, Liquid Soap , shampoo , roll on etc.

Carboxylic Acid & EstersOctyl Salicylate

Avid Organics Provides Octyl Salicylate which is Clear colorless liquid Formed by the condensation of salicylic acid with 2-ethylhexanol. It is a colorless oily liquid with a slight floral odor.

General Info :

CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
6969-49-9 C15H22O3 250.337 gm/mol


Avioctsal (Octyl Salicylate)

Parameter Avioctsal Specification
Description Clear colorless liquid
Solubility Soluble in alcohol
Assay 95.00 % min.
Specific Gravity@250C 1.00 – 1.02
Refractive Index @ 200C 1.500 – 1.503

Market Applications :

  • It  is used to augment the UVB protection in a sunscreen.
  • This is an organic compound used as an ingredient in sunscreens and cosmetics to absorb UVB (ultraviolet) rays from the sun.
  • The salicylate portion of the molecule absorbs ultraviolet light, protecting skin from the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight

Carboxylic Acid & EstersAmyl Salicylate

Avid Organics Provide Amyl Salicylate has a floral and sweet, herbaceous and balsamic character, with a green undertone. It is extensively used in florals and can be an important ingredient for fougere accords and which is also Soluble in alcohol and provides best result.

General Info :

CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
2050-08-0 C12H16O3 208.257 gm/mol

Sales Specification :

Aviamysal (Amyl Salicylate)

Parameter Aviamysal Specification
Description Clear colorless liquid
Solubility Soluble in alcohol
Assay 98.00 % min.
Specific Gravity@250C 1.047 – 1.055
Refractive Index @ 200C 1.506 – 1.510

Market Applications :

  • This colourless liquid is used in perfumes for its ability to counteract and mask unpleasant smells. Extensively used in floral and non-floral perfume types.

Carboxylic Acid & EstersCycolhexcyl Salicylate

Avid Organics Provide Cycolhexcyl Salicylate with best results and which can be used for washing & cleaning products, air care products, polishes and waxes, cosmetics and personal care products and perfumes and fragrances.

General Info :

CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
25485-88-5 C13H16O3 220.268 gm/mol

Sales Specification :

Avicycsal (Cycolhexcyl Salicylate)

Parameter Avicycsal Specification
Description Clear colorless liquid
Solubility Soluble in alcohol
Assay 98.00 % min.
Specific Gravity@250C 1.110 – 1.116
Refractive Index @ 200C 1.532 – 1.536

Market Applications :

  • This substance is used in the following products: biocides (e.g. disinfectants, pest control products), washing & cleaning products, air care products, polishes and waxes, cosmetics and personal care products and perfumes and fragrances.
  • This substance is used in the following products: washing & cleaning products

FSSC 22000
Halal Faizabad Foundation
KCJ Kosher


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