About us Avid is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of value-added chemicals for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, fragrance & flavors, paint, chemical, and various other industries

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At Avid, imagination means exploring new technology methods - pushing beyond conventional boundaries to create products once thought impossible. We are focused on delivering technically advanced products that found applications in various end-user markets.

What we make is only a part of the story. How we make our products is even more critical. We are responsible for operating to protect people and the environment and preserve the planet for future generations. Every day we are striving to achieve more impressive results.

To succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, we must have efficient operations, a sustainable competitive advantage, a global presence, and financial flexibility. In our facilities, researchers work with our customers to identify and develop the next generation of products and technology.

Avid leading developer

Our Mission

To passionately surge ahead with the new innovative chemical processes and products. We are determined to satisfy our customers by delivering results through quality products and services.

Avid leading manufacturer,

Our Vision

To be among the most competitive, most profitable, most respected chemical company in the industry with our products and services by the customer's first choice.

Avid leading marketer

Our Values

Value for our Customers, Prosperity, and Opportunity for our employees, Fair Profit for our owners, Societal Enrichment for the community in which we live and work.


Avid has state of an art plant manufacturing infrastructure at Poicha (Rania), Vadodara, to support its product and services. The facility has a manufacturing plant equipped with various Glass Lined Reactors, Stainless Steel Reactors, Distillation Columns, SS Centrifuges, SS Blender, SS Fluidized Bed Driers, SS Agitated Nutsche Filter, Chilling Plant, Boilers and Air Handling Units, and other utilities. R&D and QC labs are equipped with sophisticated instruments.

Warehouse for Raw materials and finished products. Our facility has an independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance department, ensuring high standards of Product Quality. Avid Plant is also equipped with the latest effluent treatment plant with a multiple-effect evaporator for Zero Discharge and Pollution Control equipment’s like bag filters, scrubbers, etc.

Avid Infrastructure and Facility

Quality Control Assurance

Avid Organics believes that sound quality assurance systems are the key to a successful manufacturing operation. In this Endeavour, the company has utilized multi-skilled backgrounds to analyze the quality standards requirements, evolve suitable processes, and implement the same.

  • Strict and systematic quality control procedures in establishing the quality of the product.
  • Assessment of changing requirements of customer's expectations and meeting them.

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FSSC 22000
Halal Faizabad Foundation
KCJ Kosher


What Avid has in Store for you

Products: Wherever you look at AVID, you'll find our people making our products better and operations safer and giving customers the highest possible level of service