A FSSC 22000 / ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Health and Safety

Our focus on the safety of our plants, processes, and people is steadfast. We factor in a series of initiatives to ensure that our operations and output remain safe and secure.

Our people are our assets, and their welfare is our responsibility. The Facility has a well-equipped Occupational Medical Room (OMR) for all the employees and contract workers. 

We regularly conduct Safety Training and Awareness workshops and do regular Health check-ups for our employees and contract workers. Before allocating work to workers, including those on contract, a safety talk before assigning work is mandatory. We design and provide specific training modules for exceptional jobs. We regularly conduct Health check-ups for our employees as well as contract workers.
The safety system includes approaches such as:
  • Identifying hazards and assessing the risk involved in various activities right from the product development stage to the delivery stage.
  • Comprehending and incorporating necessary safety measures at the design stage itself.
  • We are developing and implementing effective systems such as work permits, mock drills, reporting incidents, identifying the root cause of the same, and built-in preventive measures.
  • Fire is a significant hazard in all the operations. The company has installed an elaborate firefighting system comprising alarm systems, manual call points, sprinkler systems, pressurized fire hydrant system, fire tenders, and well trained human resource to handle emergencies.
  • Our Organisation regularly updates an 'On site emergency' plan. We are providing Training and Organisiizng mock drills to fine tune the emergency plan.
  • Developing safety data sheets, selecting suitable material for construction, developing standard operating procedures, and carrying out hazardous areas of classification are several methods adopted to handle a company's operations' safety aspects.

At Avid, we take all necessary measures to ensure that the organization's security personnel are aware, equipped and trained to handle security-related matters, including fire safety, communicating with visitors, escalating issues, quick decision-making, etc.